Some Factors To Maintain Garbage Disposal For Staying Healthy And Clean Kitchen

A garbage disposal is a great appliance to have at your houses and definitely helps in keeping the kitchen clean and more importantly the environment healthy. A clean kitchen usually means healthy food and lifestyle. However food disposal unit requires a lot of maintenance and care failing which it can lead to a lot of problems like drain clogging or blockage which will be a headache to deal with. A major part of the upkeep of the garbage disposal appliance is what type of garbage we can actually dispose of in it. Repair of a garbage disposal maintenance unit can be a costly affair and the same can be avoided if we discipline ourselves as to what can be put in the food disposal and what should be completely avoided at all costs.

Garbage disposal units can work seamlessly without any issue only if we follow the dos and don’ts of garbage disposal. It is a handy appliance and is fairly easy to upkeep as well.clean garbage disposal

The Do’s of Garbage Disposal.

Cleanliness: You can imagine the kind of garbage that goes into the unit. Therefore it is extremely essential that the garbage disposal appliance is also kept clean from time to time. Every week or fortnight, clean your garbage disposal unit with dish soap. Pour a little dish soap inside the garbage disposal unit and let is run for about a minute and half. This will help to keep the food disposal unit clean.

Ensure Food Waste Disposal With Cold Water: The garbage disposal unit may seem all powerful with its motor and blade, still while disposing of waste food you should do it systematically. After putting the waste food, please allow a strong flow of cold water for two minutes, which will help in easy flushing of the waste into the sewer connected with the disposal system. This invariably prevents clogging of drains.

Usage On a Daily Basis: Frequent usage of the food disposal will prevent the unit from getting rusty. The more your use the more it can maintain itself.

The Don’ts of Garbage Disposal

Look Before You Put: A garbage disposal unit may look like a powerful machine engulfing everything that is thrown at it. But the fact remains that it is a machine for garbage disposal and not a trash can. It is essentially made for food waste only and you should not throw in stuff that is non-biodegradable like plastic etc.

Do Not Use Hot Water: Never use hot water for grinding waste food. It will only clog the unit which in turn will clog the drainage.

Do Not Dispose Fibre or Greasy Materials: Food items like onion skins, artichokes or the hard part of the corn should not be disposed of into the garbage disposal unit. Similarly, oil and grease should be kept away from the unit. Oil and grease can stick to the motor blades causing it to malfunction or worse clog your unit as well as the drainage making it an even more nightmarish experience for you.

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